teach.jpgI’ve decided not to let my eight-year-old son listen to or read the news anymore because politicians say such stupid things it may impact my kid’s future. The latest comes from Pennsylvania’s governor and this one was a doozy.

corbett.jpgPennsylvania’s Governor Tom Corbett wants teachers to stop educating themselves. Turns out teachers in that state get pay raises when they get a master’s degree and the Gov. wants to put an end to that. We all know states have major budget woes, but instead of just saying Pennsylvania doesn’t have the money for the raises, his office is claiming such degrees may be worthless.

WHYY, my local public radio station, reported this morning that “Corbett’s budget secretary, Charles Zogby, argued advanced degrees don’t automatically make someone a better teacher.”

OK, my son was listening to this while eating his french toast. I always have the radio on because I want to catch up on the news, and I figure it helps the kids learn something. But this morning I had to rethink my strategy. You see, my son doesn’t really love school that much. He’s a good student but he doesn’t have as much fun in school as he does playing with friends, or playing video games, or playing with his Legos. So, he goes to school reluctantly and is always asking questions about why school is important.

We spend a lot of time explaining to him how important school and learning is to his future, and it takes just one pompous Governor to ruin everything.

Zogby, presumably realizing what a moronic thing he’s trying to convey but going off the rails even further, added this:

“Not that it might not improve the individual. Not that more learning isn’t a good thing for educators. But I think what we’re looking at is investments that make a difference for kids in the classroom, in terms of their learning.”

I sat there cringing, but thank goodness the boy was too concerned with the lack of maple syrup to really pay a lot of attention to the drivel pouring out of my radio. I dodged a bullet. But it may be time to start playing music in the morning.

As for the let’s-not-educate-teachers-more reasoning, it’s just one example of many when it comes to attacks on teachers in this country lately. Wisconsin’s governor just stripped teachers of their rights in the name of budget cutting. And now politicians want to take away an incentive that gets many teachers seeking higher education. Teachers, by the way, are mainly women, and it seems they are easy targets for politicians. No rights, no higher degrees. Maybe these guys want to keep us all barefoot and pregnant in the kitchen. Or maybe they fear a highly educated pool of teachers won’t put up with their crap and rise up.

And this attempt to derail teachers’ effort to gain more education, started with the Obama administration. The U.S. Education Secretary Arne Duncan told an Omaha newspaper in December that:

“there’s little evidence the extra education makes teachers better, despite school officials’ assertions to the contrary. Duncan says that awarding automatic pay raises to teachers who earn master’s degrees — a common benefit in Nebraska and Iowa teacher contracts — is largely a waste of money.”

Teachers get no respect, and saying children won’t benefit if their teachers learn more is a slap in the face to what school is supposed to be all about. What kind of message are you politicians sending to your children and grand children?

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