promotion.jpgDid you know January is one of the best months out of the year to ask for a promotion?

It turns out, most employees in the United States get promotions in January, June and July, according to LinkedIn, which tapped into its data base of 90 million professionals to figure out when most of you get promoted.

And the data also found that the promotions cycle for professionals is gradually changing due in part to millennials or professionals that were born in the 1980s. Millennials are the professionals who are the most likely to be promoted throughout the year (rather than just in January which is the case for most professionals)

“LinkedIn was launched in 2003, but our data allows us to identify professional trends that span decades,” said DJ Patil, LinkedIn’s chief scientist. “By shedding light on professional patterns, we hope to help our members achieve their career goals by using LinkedIn in the most effective and productive way possible.”

So, you have just a few days left to angle for a promotion if you want one before the summer.

If you want some tips on asking for that promotion, check out this column I wrote on the topic. Good luck!

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