coworker.jpgIn my continuing coverage of how a tweet could get you fired, I came across a great one today.

“I want to see my coworker naked”

Yes, I just saw this tweet on Twitter and figured I should point out to everyone that there are a lot of people on Twitter and we are reading what you tweet. I know, this seems obvious, but Twitter is not your personal diary. Last time I looked, Twitter had 100 million registered users.

Maybe your coworker is indeed hot, and maybe he or she really wants to see you naked too, but even so, a manager may freak upon reading it in real time. Many bosses tell me they are heightened to the whole sexual harassment thing, which can cause big headaches and even lawsuits. I’m all for worker privacy and don’t think you should be penalized for a lot of what you say and you do on the Web or on your own time, but I’m thinking a tweet sent at 11 am might be during work hours.

So, maybe sexual fantasies should stay on the off line QT. Or hey, I may just be a prude so disregard this post.

Is there a tweet you’ve read recently that had firing all over it?

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