happy.jpg The unemployment extension for the long-term jobless expires today. If an extension isn’t passed it will be a gloomy holiday season for millions of people who have been unable to find jobs in this economy.

Democrats are making last ditch efforts to get an extension, but it’s unclear if they’ll be able to do it.

Some politicians want to make sure such an extension is paid for and does not add to the deficit. That would be great, if it were possible. I wonder where these fiscal conservatives were when the government bailed out Wall Street and put it on the taxpayers’ tab.

Why is it so easy to stiff the regular working stiff?

Pennsylvania Senator Bob Casey did not sound hopeful today during a press briefing with media. He said a vote on the extension was going to take place after 4 pm and the only way for it to be defeated was if someone stands up and objects. Will Republicans stand up?

“I hope, I hope our Republican friends won’t object so we can get this passed today,” he said. But under further questioning he said he expects a Republican objection.

So, it’s bad news folks for now. Casey vowed to fight on and he reminded us how long it took in previous moves to extend benefits.

The thing that struck me with Casey is he was getting down on the Republicans for not introducing any legislation that would help grow jobs in this country, but all Casey was pushing as far as job-stimulus options were tax breaks. He talked about extending the HIRE Act and the child tax credit, and the earned income tax credit that helps poor families.

But where were the immediate fixes to generate new jobs right now? No where on either side of the aisle.

We all have to take a moment and think of the people who are just making ends me on the measly $200 to $300 they get in their unemployment checks. For many, that’s just enough to make the house or car payment, or pay for food.

Despite what so many politicians say, the jobless aren’t looking for a free ride from the government. Most of the people I talk to every day just want jobs.

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