imag0412.jpgSo many Americans are stressed out and over worked, according to almost every report out there, and as a result most don’t have time to get politically involved. Come on, we don’t even take all the vacation days we’ve earned.

It was for these stressed out masses that a rally was held on the mall in Washington DC over the weekend.

The rally was put on by Comedy Central’s top comedy shows The Daily Show and The Colbert Report and it was part spoof on political rallies and part serious commentary on the crazy, hate and stupid-filled political rhetoric that’s been going on this past year.

When The Daily Show’s Jon Stewart announced his decision to hold the “Rally to Restore Sanity” he talked specifically about Americans who had lives and thus were to busy to get out there and drown out to wacky politicians espousing extreme views, not the moderate views that make up most of this country.

But Stewart was gambling that these busy Americans would make time to come to his mock rally, and his gamble paid off.

2010-10-30-115037.jpgThey came and they were, for the most part, sane.

wall2.jpg* Mark Chorebanian, the ER doctor from Arizona who stitches up injured Mexicans after they’re wounded climbing over barbwired walls to get to the U.S.

He gave me the photo of the wall with crosses symbolizing all those who have died trying to enter the land of opportunity. Why did he come? “I wouldn’t have missed it,” he said, playing down the sacrifice he had to make to travel to Washington. His girl friend Elizabeth Cosgrove, a property manager in Tuscon, pointed out that he finished work at 8 am on Friday, drove five hours to get to the airport, and arrived in DC at 3 am Saturday. Her take on why they both came, “We need to remain a compassionate country,” she stressed.

imag0392.jpg* Nicole and Eric Young, the couple from Richmond, VA, who have an infant son and only one car between them. Nicole said she came because “there aren’t enough voices from the middle.”

2010-10-30-123056.jpg* Antonina Renner, the special needs teacher from Mantua, NJ, said she came because she liked Stewart’s “reasonable” message.

* Tom Elliott, the guy with the sign above who works for a Chicago Christian nonprofit, wanted to be part of the fun and the revival of “sanity.”

imag0397.jpg* Ruthann and Daine Grey, she a retired communications director, he a college professor from New Jersey, maintained they weren’t the rally-going types, but they both felt “all you hear these days is the negative.”

Everyone had their own political views and wouldn’t hesitate to share them with you, but most attended the rally to show the world that even though we are the most over-worked country on the planet, we all still have time to make it clear that we respect our differences and really want to work together.

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