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Could all this sitting be killing you?29 Oct 2010 07:47 am

desk.jpgThis week I’ve begun what will be a two-week experiment testing a standing desk in my office.

What prompted this experiment were all the reports about how spending too much time sitting in a desk chair at work can actually take years off your life.

The American Cancer Society conducted a study and found:

“It’s not just how much physical activity you get, but how much time you spend sitting that can affect your risk of death. Researchers say time spent sitting was independently associated with total mortality, regardless of physical activity level.”

This freaked me out a bit because I can sit as much as 10 hours a day sometimes when I’ve got lots of work.

I called Dr. Alpa Patel, the author of the report, to find out if I’m headed for an early grave and she didn’t say no.

Here’s a video of my first day with my new friend, the KI standing desk (Did you know Donald Rumsfeld had a standing desk?:

My intern Julia Nollen and I will be chronicling my progress in blog posts and videos, and also looking at whether it’s realistic for typical office working stiffs to stand all day. We’ll also be looking at whether it’s realistic to expect employers to pony up the big bucks for these desks when most are reluctant to even make new hires.

OK, I got my vital signs–

Blood pressure: 128/70. This is on the high side for my but my friend Debbie the doctor said it was high because I wouldn’t shut up when she was taking my blood pressure.

Heart rate: 92. Again high for me but my friend and neighbor Vicki the nurse said it was probably high because I was running around before she came over to take it. I took it again via an app my hubby got me for my phone and it was 80.

Weight: 141. Not on the high side. I’m typically in the 138 to 142 range.

I will take these all again at the end of the two-week standing experiment to see if it made a difference.

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