juggle.jpgIf you want a job today, you have to bring more to the table than a degree and experience.

Can you sing, juggle, tap dance? If so, it might help you land the job you want in Corporate America.

Turns out video killed the boring corporate climbing star.

In the digital age, companies are doing what ever they can to promote their services and products on the web, and more and more firms are realizing video is one of the greatest tools to do that. And few firms have the money to go out and hire real talent. So, they’re turning to a great resource — their own employees. I did an MSNBC column on how employers are using workers as company promotors a while back.

(Hey, even the CareerDiva has been trying to do more videos.)

Rebecca Corliss was hired by Hubspot, an Internet marketing company, in late 2008 not because of her resume but because of her singing talents.

“I originally applied to be a PR person, however HubSpot already had someone focusing on its PR efforts,” explained Corliss. “However, VP Marketing Mike Volpe also wanted to add creative content, like music videos, to HubSpot’s repertoire of marketing content and needed someone to lead the effort. Through my blog and my tweets on Twitter (I sing in an a cappella group), he knew that music and singing was one of my other talents.”

Yes, seriously folks.

“She was hired for her singing talents, as well as her PR and social media marketing background. Her passion got her in the door,” said a company official that messaged me via Twitter.

Corliss is now the company’s “singing inbound marketer”. There’s a video of her doing her thang on the company’s site.

OK, she’s no Lady Gaga, but this is a great example of how the talents you have outside of your career can help you get work.

So come on, what’s your hidden talent? Might be time to add that to your LinkedIn page.

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