brown.jpgSo I wrote this column for recently on how women can be bitchy to each other and I got a lot of nasty comments on how I’m perpetuating a stereo type.

Well, recent comments by a comedian I have enjoyed and respected in the past prove that bitchy is alive and well in gal land.

kathy.jpgKathy Griffin, the comedian, actually called the two young daughters of Scott Brown, the Republican senator from Massachusetts, prostitutes. Yes, that was her retort during a recent skit on CNN. I say skit because clearly this wasn’t news.

Here’s the video:

I love comedy and I’m all for poking fun at politicians, but with her comment she hit below the belt. And this is the kind of stuff that keeps women down folks.

Let’s hope there is tons of outrage over this out there. If not, what hope do women have of ever getting equal footing with men? We undermine each other, back-stab each other, and seem to think if we don’t agree with someone politically we can even attack their children.

Well, this was a cheap shot. How do we think women will ever get a seat at the leadership table if we keep pulling the chair out on each other?

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