Take a look at some remarkable photos I recently discovered on the web:

These photographs are by Tipper Gore. Yes, Tipper; the woman married to that environment/former vice president guy.

Since it was announced that the two are calling it quits, there’s been a lot of speculation that Al Gore was ready to move on after 40 years.

Well, Tipper had a life before Al, and has had a life of her own for 40 years.




I know, it seems like Tipper was just a second head grafted onto the body of Al; like Ray Miland’s head was stuck on the massive body of Rosie Grier in the 1970s flick “The Thing With Two Heads.”

Well, she’s not just another pretty husband appendage, no women is no matter who they’re married to.

I don’t know what went on in the bedroom of the Gores, but the news reports and analysis I’ve heard and read ever since the couple announced their separation has been pretty sexist.

Surely Al has found a younger chick to make him happy. Surely his career has pulled him away from his wife. Surely Al was ready to leave boring, CD-burning Tipper behind.

Well, based on these photos, Tipper doesn’t seem so boring.

And maybe she even has some plans of her own beyond her hubby.

Just a little food for thought.

(And if you were wondering about that two-headed movie, I didn’t make that up. Here’s a clip:)

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