snow.jpgDid you know your job and profession aren’t real life?

What is real is Prince Charming.

That’s according to Kelly Ripa, a judge on “The Marriage Ref” last night. If you don’t watch the show, it basically includes several vignettes of married couples who have an issue and the judges and a referee come up with a solution.

This particular episode included Erica Cobb and Jesse Lehman, a married couple fighting over last names. Lehman wants his wife to engage in the outdated ritual of taking his name, and after nearly five years together, she still, thankfully, refused to take his last name. They came to the show to have the judges decide. Ripa and Demi Moore were the two women on the panel.
Ripa first said, “this is American and she has the right to keep her name so I have to go with her.” But then she changed her tune and sided with the husband and she used some pretty disgusting reasoning that almost caused my husband and me to fall off the couch.

kelly.jpg“I’m going to go with him because he’s allowing her to keep her name professionally,” she said of Cobb who is a radio personality in her town.

Yes, Ripa said, he is “allowing her.”

Then she said, “We both in our real lives go by Mrs. Kutcher and Mrs. Consuelo” referring to Ashton Kutcher, who Moore is married to, and Ripa’s hubby Mark Consuelo. “I feel you’d be doing your husband and your marriage some real props if you took his name in your real life. Not in your professional life but in your real life.”

We both sat there dumbfounded. “Did she just say her real life?” I asked my husband. “Yes,” he answered, his mouth gaping open.

You can view the episode here.

Now, I wasn’t expecting much from Moore and Ripa. Bastions of feminism they’re not. Moore is looking more and more plastic, and Ripa prancing around commercials for appliances like an unreal supermom isn’t helping the cause.

But to insinuate that a woman’s profession wasn’t real points to a big problem women have when it comes to careers.

Yes, we love our kids and husbands. Yes, they should be priorities. But diminishing what women do as a job or career is never a good idea gals. And what of those who chose not to get married or have kids. Are their lives never real?

Here’s the bottom line to why Ripa herself is living in a fantasy world. Women need to work to support ourselves and our families. I know many of you think your hubbies will always be there to pick up the financial responsibilities, but many women, especially in this economy, are realizing they also have to step up. (Read “The Feminine Mistake” if you want to learn more about more the husbands-will-take-care-of-you-until-you-die myth.)

And engaging in a career means women are contributing to society, even changing society for the better. Not to mention how it helps your family if you have a life outside the home.

Yes work is your real life. Maybe you hate what you do, or are in career transition, or are taking time off to raise their kids, but that doesn’t make it less real. Can you imagine a guy saying his professional life isn’t real? And I’m sure Mr. Consuelo thinks the bacon Mrs. Consuelo is bringing home is very real.

So get real Ripa!! Or should I say Consuelo since that’s what you go by in your real life.

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