bilde.jpgCan you blame Adam Wheeler, 23? He just wanted what every one wants — a guarantee for a successful career.

Wheeler supposedly made up his academic history to get into the ultimate Ivy League school, Harvard. (Snooty pronunciation here.) And now he’s facing fraud charges, and clearly his butt got kicked out before he wore the most prestigious graduate cap in the country, maybe the world.

This from the Associated Press:

Wheeler’s attempts to be an overachiever were his undoing: Harvard started to look into Wheeler’s background after he sought the school’s endorsement for Rhodes and Fulbright scholarships. A professor reviewing his application noticed similarities between Wheeler’s writing and that of a colleague, prosecutors said.

Wheeler was indicted on 20 offenses, including larceny, identity fraud and pretending to hold a degree.

He wanted a Harvard degree. A smart goal if he wanted to get doors open for him, become president, get a seat on the Supreme Court. Can you really blame the kid?

Harvard. Yale. You probably want to attend either one if you want to really be somebody.

This from

Want a seat on the U.S. Supreme Court? An elite law degree will help.

If nominee Elena Kagan is confirmed to the U.S. Supreme Court, the nine-member body will be made up entirely of judges educated at either Harvard Law School or Yale Law School — an unusually homogenous group as far as educational background.

But what about the rest of us? Can you blame some poor sap for doing whatever he could to get on the Ivy League bus, even though he didn’t have a ticket?

Again from the AP:

Wheeler, who was studying English, was trying to transfer to Yale and Brown when he got caught in the “web of lies and deceit,” Middlesex County District Attorney Gerry Leone said.

“This defendant’s actions cheated those who competed honestly and fairly for admissions and for the scholarships that this defendant fraudulently obtained,” Leone said.

Even though this guy clearly thwarted the law, you have to give him props for trying. No? Many people think the system is skewed against those who just don’t have “good breeding,” or parents with connections, and that makes it hard to really vilify Wheeler.

I know you guys are thinking I’ve lost my mind. But hey, he didn’t use his nefarious ways to knock over a bank, or steal the retirement savings of an old lady.

He tried to sneak his way into a university. A damn good university.

Today, this story will be all over the news. People will talk about Adam and be outraged.

It seems silly when you think of the millions of dollar, and millions of lives impacted by the unethical acts of so many individuals.

Did you watch “60 Minutes” segment on the BP oil spill this past Sunday. Watch it now, or later today if you can.

Yes, Adam Wheeler lied. So what?

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