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Disobeying the boss may save a life15 Apr 2010 08:03 am

ethics.jpgA bus driver in Philadelphia, Natika Manfra, knew something was wrong with a passenger on her bus because he was drooling, unresponsive and had urinated on himself.

When she called bus dispatch control to inform them of the situation a supervisor told her to continue on her route and keep picking up passengers. A tape of the incident shows that the driver was surprised at the manager’s command but she kept driving anyway.

Driver: OK, so just leave him on the bus and pickup passengers when I leave on 4:18?
Control: That’s correct. I don’t want to delay service. The supervisor will assist you on the line so we don’t delay service for the passengers.

Manfra, 27, did continue on her route and at the end of the line police got on the bus and pronounced 68-year-old Leonard Sedden dead.

Should she have just followed her boss’s decree or should she have overruled him? (more…)

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