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Is my butt too big? Getting interview feedback30 Apr 2010 07:39 am

bad-int.jpgA while back I was on a morning radio show out of Grand Rapids, MI, called Barnaby and Friends; something I do every other week or so. I thought I did great and was patting myself on the back after it was done until my husband, who was working from our home office that day and overheard the interview, deflated my big head.

“You were speaking too fast,” he said, adding that I sounded nervous or like I had too much coffee.

Yikes! I thought I was sounding like Suze Orman or something but it turned out it was more like one of the Chipmunks.

I share this story because many of you have been writing me lately about interviews you thought you nailed but didn’t get the job. Alas, we are not our own worst critics so it’s time to get an interview reality check. (more…)

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