help-wanted.jpgThe job market is slowly coming back to life. Well, that depends on the industry you’re in.

I love it when I get surveys that actually poll people who are in the know. And who better to know about who’s hiring and who’s not than human resource professionals.

The Society for Human Resource Management, know as SHRM, released a poll yesterday that surveyed nearly 2,500 HR folks and found that some industries are indeed in hiring mode. There were some surprises

Not surprisingly, health jobs topped the list with 84 percent saying they are currently hiring full-time workers. And right behind were the federal government with 76 percent saying they were adding staff and 75 percent in high tech said they were adding jobs.

Even anemic industries such as finance and construction were adding positions, 68 percent and 50 percent respectively. And state and local government came in at 60 percent, services/professional jobs at 58 percent and manufacturing at 51 percent.

“The SHRM data is especially telling of an economic recovery
puttering to jump start as also evidenced by the weekly BLS job
numbers ping ponging between up, down, and flat.- or not,” said Deb
Cohen, chief knowledge development and integration officer at SHRM.

Many were just hiring to replace jobs that were lost during the recession, but among those polled three industries came in over 50 percent of those adding completely new positions — the federal government, services/professional, and high tech at the highest rate, 60 percent.

Most of those polled, 61 percent, said it would be somewhat to very easy to find the right people for the jobs they have available.

No shock there since so many of you are looking for work.

So time to renew your search everyone. If you want a little boost read my column in reignited your job search.

Actually, getting started could be the toughest part. Here are some concrete and productive steps to get you motivated, according to Duncan Mathison, co-author of “Unlock the Hidden Job Market: 6 Steps to a Successful Search When Times Are Tough” :

* Write down what positions you’re looking for and you’re qualified to do.
* Figure out the possible titles of those positions.
* Figure out the titles of your potential managers.
* Come up with a list of 50 companies you’d consider working for, even if they have no listed jobs available.
* Make a list of 100 people you know, everyone from relatives to former colleagues.
* Connect with each person on the list individually, not with an e-mail blast, and find out if they know anyone at the 50 companies you identified that might hold a position you’ve targeted above.

Tackle this list after your first cup of coffee today. Good luck!

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