son.jpgIf you don’t have a job you should try to show off your skills. For example, if you want to be a writer you should make a comic to put in the newspaper. A job manger could see it and higher you as a writer. If you don’t get a job by showing off your skills you should go and e-mail a person who runs the job you want. Maybe you could schedule an interview. Or maybe the manager just likes the way you think when you e-mail him or her. If you don’t have luck finding a job you should practice for that job. So if you run into someone who works for the job you want you will be able to show off some of your work.

Now if you want to be a painter I have a tricky idea for you. Bring a canvas to an area were there is a cool scene and other people. Take out your paints and brush and get to work painting the scene. Other people will see you and maybe if your art is good enough you could get famous for it. Or if you don’t like painting scenes you could ask someone if you could paint them. Then they just might put it in their house so when people see it in their house so when people come to see it they can talk about to their friends and make a chain. You can get a good job in the painting business that way.

I decided to let my 10-year-old daughter Circe do my job today. Why? Because I’ve lost it. Well, I’m actually trying to make a point.

Glenn Duffy, an air traffic controller at one of the world’s busiest airpots New York’s John F. Kennedy Airport, brought his son to work last month and actually let the kid take over the controls.

This from CBS news:

“JetBlue (garbled) 171 clear for takeoff,” came the voice of the boy.

“Clear for takeoff, JetBlue 171,” came the pilot’s cheerful reply.

“Amex 403 contact departure. Adios,” the boy said.

“Contact departure, Aeromexico 423. Adios,” the Aeromexico pilot replied.

In fact the boy was lauded by some of the seemingly amused pilots.

“JetBlue 171 contact departure,” the boy said.

The JetBlue pilot’s reply: “Over to departures Jetblue 171. Awesome job!”

Yes, this is cute, but was it a wise career move?

Turns out Duffy, along with his supervisor, were suspended yesterday for the bring-your-son-to-work-and-let-him-do-your-work day episode.

This from the Federal Aviation Administration:

“This lapse in judgment not only violated FAA’s own policies, but common sense standards for professional conduct. These kinds of distractions are totally unacceptable,” said FAA Administrator Randy Babbitt. “We have an incredible team of professionals who safely control our nation’s skies every single day. This kind of behavior does not reflect the true caliber of our workforce.”

This morning, I’ve been pondering if it was truly a horrible occurrence or if this is just another overreaction of our recent times.

Clearly, my daughter writing a blog would not lead to lives being lost. Maybe someone would get mad at me because they took her advice and it didn’t work, but death, probably not.

Duffy appears to be a father proud of his work and proud of his son. Supposedly he had trained him to do the commands for some time and was showing the kid off.

I’ve always been an advocate of parents sharing their jobs with their kids. It helps them gain an appreciation for work at a young age, and gives them some insight into their parents.

I remember sitting on the cutting table of the fur factory my father ran in New York when I was a little kid. I definitely played with the razor cutters that were all around me. But he never let me actually cut anything, other than paper in his office. The experience didn’t make me want to go into manufacturing, and I ended up with a life-long dislike of fur coats. But you better believe I understood my dad a bit better knowing what he did everyday.

Duffy wanted to share his career with his son. But did he go to far?

Here are some final thoughts from Circe, aka, little CareerDiva:

If your still having trouble finding a job you could always try to find a friend who works for the place you want to work for and see if they can make an interview with the manager. You should always keep trying and never give up.

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