2009.jpgIt was a tough year for working stiffs and as a result I ended up writing about workers getting screwed quite often this year.

But there were certain topics that got many readers the most riled up.

Just mention working moms in a blog post and readerships spikes. The topic of moms who dare want careers is like the third-rail of the blogesphere. If you write about it there will surely be lots of cyber sparks.

And famous men screwing behind their wives’ backs also got a lot of attention this past year, as did ex-cons and the hell they face when trying to find work, and the perils and perks of social networking sites such as Twitter and Facebook

Here’s a list of some of the most popular CareerDiva posts of 2009:

* The cost of daycare is no excuse for not working gals out there.

* Letterman’s latest punch-line: Sex with subordinates.

* Women need keys to the executive bathrooms, not lactation rooms.

* When the hiring manager says “so?”

* Successful working moms don’t go no playdates.

* Multitasking sucks.

* Moms and daughters should not watch American Idol.

* Who’s to blame for your failure?

* Working moms blamed for French cuisine’s downfall.

* South Carolina’s Gov risked career for love. Would you?

* Camp boring for Girl Scouts. Is that a CEO in the canoe?

* Judge Sotomayor: Did being a woman land her the gig?

* The Slow Career movement.

* Career coaches need thicker skins.

* Society misses out when moms give up careers.

* Obama’s first 100 days.

* American workers need mandatory sick days.

* Twitter, Facebook could be your obit.

* Ex-cons get no job-hunting respect.

* Unpaid interns may be slaves.

* Is one public screw up a career killer?

* Labor Secretary Solis a worker bulldog.

* Why you should check out Twitter.

Thanks for reading folks, and thanks for offering your insights this past year. I’m hopeful 2010 will be a great year for all of us and we’ll all find career bliss…what ever that means to each of us.

To that end, I’m hoping many of you will add a comment to this post about what you want me to cover next year. Go crazy! Ask for anything you’d like to know more about as it pertains to employee rights, career advancement, work-life balance, all things work related. While I’ll be covering the news of the week, I also want to make sure I write about the issues and advice you’re looking for in the New Year.

Happy New Year!

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