blige.jpgjennifer.jpgThere comes a time when your career should begin to reflect your age or you risk looking and sounding like a bad old joke.

I was watching the finale of “So You Think You Can Dance” with my 10 year old daughter and 7 year old son last night, and I was excited to hear the two singers featured that night.

Turns out, it was a reality show train wreck. Two seasoned performers, Jennifer Lopez and Mary J. Blige, sounded like two desperate old gals trying to attract an audience that they should have given up on years ago.

They both looked gorgeous but the words coming out of their mouths were almost sickening.

The lyrics to Blige’s “I Am”:

Hey no … noo oooooh
Ain’t nobody gonna treat you better
Ain’t nobody gonna touch you better
Ain’t nobody gonna love you better boy than I am
Than I am

When your out at night and your in the streets
And you have her to yourself
Think of all the love that you get from me
That you can’t find nowhere else

And this from Lopez’s “Louboutins”:

You said you changed,
But still nothing.
You’re still the same,
I’m just a part time lover.
And I’m to blame,
Should’ve went away.
But yet I stayed,
With a part time lover.
See, somedays you will love me.
Then you don’t, then you do, then you won’t.
Then you’re here, then you’re gone.
I’m alone.
Now you got me stressing out
On the phone.
But it’s the last time, I’m movin’ on,
I’m throwing on my Louboutins.

Blije is nearly 38 years old, is married with step kids, and has an incredible career; and Lopez, who is 40, just gave birth to twins and is a superstar in the music and film biz.

It seems odd to have these two accomplished women still singing about guys screwing them over, or begging for guys to love them.

I know they’re trying to appeal to a younger demographic but what kind of message are these women sending to young girls, or boys for that matter?

Begging a guy for his affections because you can treat him better; or bitching about how your someone’s part time lover and to deal with that you’re going to put on some expensive designer shoes probably means you have little respect for yourself or the people you’re singing to.

I know what many of your are thinking: “Eve, they have to do that if they want to stay relevant in their careers.”

Well, is that all there is folks? We just do what we have to do to keep our fame and fortune, or what ever it is we think we’re getting from our careers?

Whatever happened to appreciating a seasoned worker, a seasoned professional?

We all want the doctor who’s done hundreds of surgeries. We all want the teacher for our kids who has a track record getting the most out of their students. And I would argue, even our entertainers should get better with age, not worse.

The Beatles were pretty green starting out, singing, “Ya, Ya, Ya” songs. That worked when early on and we loved them for it at the time. But the gems came in later years, with the likes of “Abby Road” and the “White Album.”

Maybe there isn’t an Abby Road in Blige’s or Lopez’ future. Maybe I’m just expecting too much.

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