tiger.jpgWhenever a public figure falls from grace, people love to ponder whether he or she will ever recover.

They do. Trust me.

Must I remind you …

Husband and father David Letterman admitted to having sex with subordinates at work, but it doesn’t seem to have impacted his viewership or career.

Koby Bryant was accused of rape, but eventually the charges were dropped. Husband Bryant didn’t deny the sexual episode, just the rape. But he’s still an NBA star.

A headline about him from the Associated Press today: “Bryant not always loved, but respected everywhere”

And remember Christian Bale’s F-bomb-filled rant against a worker on the set on his Terminator movie?

Here’s a sampling of Bale’s emotional explosion: “I want you off the f—ing set, you pr—-. What the f— are you doing? Am I going to walk around and rip your f—ing lights down in the middle of a scene? Then why the f— are you walking right through? What the f— is it with you?”

Lots of people speculated his career was over because he sounded like an enraged madman. Well, that didn’t happen.

It must make some workers out there frustrated. So many individuals with even the smallest blemish on their resumes or in their past can end up in career hell.

People are getting fired all the time for having photos of themselves drinking Piña Coladas on Facebook. Drinking on Facebook!

Ashley Payne says in August she was called into the principal’s office and forced to step down because of photos showing her holding beer mugs and glasses of wine. The pictures were from her Europe vacation.

That doesn’t seem that bad when you hear about the transgressions these superstars have made. And it doesn’t seem fair. But, it’s the sad truth about the workplace.

If you were fired from your previous jobs, have a criminal record, or even have bad credit, you’re probably going to face some big problems when you try to explain your past to a hiring manager.

But drugs, rape, adultery are all acceptable for the famous among us, although sometimes it may take a little time before the public is ready to stomach you.

We all get so angry that employers are so hard on us when it comes to our past and our present behavior.

Maybe we give these superstars a pass because we wish someone would give us a pass sometimes. What do you think?

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