ceo-mom.jpgI think all working moms, and dads, should stand up and cheer Ellen Kullman, CEO of DuPont Co., for telling it like it is.

She admits the ultimate working-mommy taboo — sometimes work comes first.

kullman.jpgIn an article in the local paper in Wilmington, DE, where DuPont is based, Kullman was profiled about her job as the top cheese. In the piece, there was one quote that provides working parents everywhere a new honesty:

“In my world there are times when the company has to be everything.”

Kullman is a mother of two 15-year-old twin boys and a 19-year-old daughter, but she admits balancing the whole work-family thing is a challenge. And sometimes, work takes precedence over family.

This is something most working parents, especially working moms, don’t ever want to admit. But I think more of us need to accept this fact. It will make all our lives easier, don’t you think?

The CEO of a major corporation has to make that corporation a priority often. And there’s nothing wrong with that. It’s expected, even from working mothers. How the heck do you think more women are going to end up as leaders in this country if we don’t commit ourselves to our work?

Here are the perpetual depressing women leader statistics from Catalyst:

* Percentage of female Fortune 500 corporate officers: 15.4%
* Percentage of female Fortune 500 board seats: 14.8%
* Percentage of female Fortune 500 top earners: 6.7%
* Percentage of female Fortune 500 CEOs: 2.4%

Clearly, moms can also be committed to their kids. But there are going to be trade offs. And guess what? Your kids are going to survive.

Is it time to stop using our kids as an excuse for not doing our jobs well?

On the flip side, family obligations will often pose challenges for how we balance it all; and sometimes we may even have to put a project aside to deal with the little tikes, or other members of our family or our friends.

That’s what the word balance is all about.

But if you have a fiduciary responsibility to do what’s right for the company you lead, or you happen to have people’s lives in your hands at work, you have to make those tough choices.

You’re not a bad mommy if you let your job invade mommy time. Right?

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