jlo.jpgIt’s sickening to read the story of the 38-year-old, ex-Miss Argentina who died after plastic surgery on her buttocks.

Some people would argue it’s just a hazard of her job — fashion model and former beauty queen.

I would argue it’s J-Lo’s fault. Well, not really J-Lo herself but her rear.

J-Lo’s butt is the latest must-have look in the entertainment world and since we can have anything we want these days if we have enough money or enough credit, her rear is in high demand.

This from the Times of London:

Gluteoplasty has grown in popularity recently as women attempt to replicate the curvy shapes of music and film stars such as Jennifer Lopez and Sandra Bullock. According to a survey by the International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, J-Lo’s rear is rated number one by plastic surgeons’ patients seeking to remake their buttocks.

Here is a photo of the ex beauty queen, Solange Magnano:


This beautiful mother of two eight-year-old twin girls felt she had to go under the knife for her job.

She’s not alone of course. Many people, and I’m not talking just fashion models, are so obsessed with their appearance and the scary prospect of growing old that they’re doing some pretty wacky things to stop the clock and the sagging butt.

This from Daily Beauty:

We’d all like to believe that we can get and keep jobs based on talent and effort, but in this precarious economy, many people feel their appearance plays a bigger part than ever before. So, despite tight budgets, job seekers are spending money on cosmetic procedures to increase their employee appeal.

In addition to doctors’ anecdotal accounts of patients citing the tough job market as motivation for undergoing surgical and non-invasive procedures, the American Society of Plastic Surgeons is reporting that 13% of women recently surveyed would consider having a cosmetic procedure to get a competitive edge while interviewing for jobs. Three percent already had.

The idea that cosmetic surgery will help you career is one I just don’t buy folks. You don’t want to show up for work or a job interview uncombed or wearing out dated clothing, but nips and tucks don’t go far when it comes to how you perform your job, especially in this economy.

In the past I’ve suggested that job seekers bypass Botox for job training.

OK, most fashion models are doomed today to starving themselves and slicing and dicing their faces and bodies, but that’s because we all have come to accept that as a reality of their jobs.

We don’t have to.

The French parliament passed a bill banning the promotion of extreme thinness in fashion rags, and we can do our part by just not buying them.

And what better way to derail some of this unnecessary cosmetic surgery than taxing the heck out of it.

As part of the health overhaul, Democrats are proposing a 5% tax on elective cosmetic procedures.

The media and everyone else got a big laugh out of the proposal calling it a Botax, a play on the word Botox.

Given Magnano’s death, it doesn’t seem that funny after all.

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