dream-job.jpgToday I want us all to sit back and figure out what each of us would consider the best job in the world.

There’s been a big publicity event these past few months put on by the tourism bureau of Australian state Queensland. They were offering what they deemed the “best job in the world.”

Imagine spending six months on the Islands of Australia’s Great Barrier Reef and getting paid six figures for it. Today, Tourism Queensland kicks off a global search to find applicants for this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, “The Best Job in the World.”

The six-month contract role of Island Caretaker will be based on lush and luxurious Hamilton Island in the Great Barrier Reef. For a salary of AUD $150,000 (approximately US $104,000), the Island Caretaker will enjoy flexible working hours and the opportunity to explore one of the world’s greatest natural wonders. For six months, their job will be to discover and promote what the Islands of the Great Barrier Reef have to offer.

“The Island Caretaker will be responsible for promoting the Great Barrier Reef to an international audience,” said Tourism Queensland CEO Anthony Hayes. “That’s why we’re making the application process a global one, with a recruitment campaign that is being launched in 18 countries and that gives job seekers around the world a chance to experience life above the Great Barrier Reef.”

The successful applicant will be required to report back on their adventures to Tourism Queensland headquarters in Brisbane (and the rest of the world) via weekly blogs, photo diary, video updates and ongoing media interviews.

Sounds like a great vacation, but it’s not quite my definition of the best job.

Time to figure out your definition. It could help you figure out your career path.

So many people who have been downsized or see the handwriting on the wall are wondering what to do next. Many have no clue what to do now that the industry they spent years in is shrinking and there are few jobs to be had.

I suggest that you shoot for the career stars in order to get to the moon. (Something my grandmother always said.)

This is all an exercise to help you get to the next level.

It could be the most outlandish job to start but then you can use that to pare down to something you can realistically make money at and still enjoy.

You can think big, but “be concrete too,” says Susan Bartell, a psychologist who focuses on workplace stress.

Here are some steps she offers:

1. Dig back to what you are really passionate about AND what you’re really good at. Think about the skills you’re good at, not the jobs you’ve done—for e.g., are you a good organizer, were you the one all your friends came to for advice, are you amazing at seeing the big picture.
2. Make a list of jobs that could fit that passion and those skills.
3. Make short and long term goals to meet your dream. DON’T belittle it.
4. Also, don’t allow naysayers and negative people to get in your way of meeting your goals. If necessary get rid of friends who will bring you down and who are negative themselves. I always say “Misery likes miserable company!” Don’t let yourself be associated with this.

I guess since I’m asking you guys to do this I should partake a bit too.

My dream job would be a couple of things. I’ve always dreamed about being a standup comedian. Seriously. I’d also love to make a living as a poet. I’ve been writing poetry since I was a little girl. And, if I were being honest, Broadway performer would also be on the list.

I suppose I’m combining lots of these things in the career I’m in right now. I write; and sometimes get away with including poetry in my work. I often speak at conferences, and I always try to be funny. And, helllooooo, I’m always on stage, writing, giving speeches, flapping my gums on the radio and TV when given the chance.

OK, your turn. Tell me what you’d love to do if you could do anything.

If it turns out the Queensland job is your idea of the best, I am sorry.

Some 34-year-old guy from Britain named Ben Southall got the gig.

Southhall’s response to landing the gig:

“To go away now as the island caretaker for Tourism Queensland and the Great Barrier Reef is an extreme honor,” Southall said on live television from Hamilton Island after being named the winner.

“I hope I can fill the boots as much as everybody is expecting, my swimming hopefully is up to standard and I look forward to all of the new roles and the responsibilities that the task involves,” he said, adding he would soon be joined by his Canadian girlfriend on the island.

I admit, sounds like a pretty dreamy job after all.

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