bulldog.jpgIs it “idiotic” or “socialism” if someone supports worker rights?

President Obama’s speech to the nation last night overshadowed the Senate confirmation of a new Secretary of Labor, Hilda Solis.hilda.jpg

After nearly two months of trying to derail her appointment, many Republicans got on board and confirmed the congresswoman from California in an 80 to 17 vote.

Because of her strong pro-worker views and record, the business community fears her and the labor movement loves her.

I wrote about Solis after Obama chose her in this blog, including how she’s expected to support minimum wage hikes and unionization, among other things.

And this week, in my MSNBC.com column, I also included her appointment as a reason many experts believe Obama is pro-worker.

Obama’s choice for labor secretary has received a big round of applause from labor advocates — and a big thumbs down from business.

Hilda Solis, a Democratic congresswoman from California, is well known for her pro-labor fervor.

“She has worked for the rights of poor and disenfranchised workers; to increase minimum wages; for workers’ rights to unionize and expect fair treatment, benefits and wages; and for green jobs,” says Myrtle Bell, associate professor of management at the University of Texas at Arlington.

The column looks largely at Obama’s initiatives for the working stiff and how he may end up doing more for U.S. workers than any president in the last two decades.

The story prompted some angry emails.

Dave writes:

Every time one of Obama’s minions opens their mouth the stock market declines further and more of us loose our jobs. Socialism is not the way to prosperity. On the other hand capitalism, when unhindered by the government, has proven to be the best job creator ever.

The sooner we get Obama, and the democratic idiots in congress unelected, the sooner meaningful recovery can take place.

For saying Obama is good for workers I must lump you into the idiot category right along with congress.

While I thought that was a cheap shot, the email says something about how we view worker rights and unions in this country. Any time someone promises to level the playing field and protect workers, it’s immediately labeled socialism.

Is Solis a socialist because she advocated for disenfranchised workers?

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