revenge.jpgI just got an email from an angry reader taking issue with my column this week on how workers should NOT seek revenge when they’re fired.

I know, there are a lot of upset people out there who are struggling to deal with job loss, for whatever reason, but an eye for an eye is a dumb idea.

Basically, the reader, Mike, was a tech guy for a company in Oregon and he uncovered dirty business practices going on at the firm. He asked to speak with the CEO about the issue and was subsequently fired. When he went to the state to get them to look into the problems at his former employer, government officials never pursued the matter.

He’s pissed off about it and my column this week advising people not to sabotage an employer’s computer system, or take their anger out on property or people at the old company, got him fuming.

Here’s some of his email:

The people in your story, seeking justice were correct, courageous,
and did exactly what everyone should get use to doing. Your
employers, especially if you work for something like Microsoft, does
not have your best interests at heart. They will outsource your job,
displace you with a cheap guest worker, work you into the ground,
commit all manner of unethical or even illegal activities and expect
you to go along. The government, even supposedly “clean” governments
like the states of Oregon or Washington, don’t care, wont do a thing.
So seek revenge yourself. Create a back door in the computer system,
take home records, tape record meetings and make notes from them.
Someday, I don’t much care who you are, some day, you will want
revenge. Take it!

Oh man, he’s mad, and I don’t blame him. But revenge will not only hurt your career or possibly land you in jail, it can’t be good for your inner peace. I told him that in an email response. I haven’t heard back yet.

I know, many people believe revenge is sweet. I admit it, I’ve wanted revenge as well. But that sweet taste is only temporary folks. It will end up souring fast. Trust me.

What’s your take? If you could do something to sabotage a former employer that screwed you and not be found out, would you do it?

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