brazil.jpeg(UPDATE) People have lost their minds, and the media is partly to blame for it.

If I see another story about women getting plastic surgery or getting Botox injections in order to land jobs I am going to puke.

My friends, this is all media hype.

Let me tell you how this works. A TV producer, blogger or newspaper reporter is looking for a good story. They come across a press release from a plastic surgery group that says they’re seeing more people having procedures done in order to look more youthful for job interviews, or they meet one person that is so panicked about growing old that they would subject themselves to a medical procedure in order to stop the inevitable age bus; and presto, a story!

These types of stories get lots of hits for bloggers, and big ratings for so-called TV news shows because they have the “oh-my-god” factor and they deal with something so many of us are fearful of, growing old.

But people, not everyone is rushing out and dropping thousands of dollars on these types of procedures. And if you are one of those individuals who are now considering this because you can’t find the job you want, or you’re worried about losing your job to a Gen X hipster, use your money for something that will really pay off — job training.

Yes, go out and take a course or get a degree. Your money will be better spent improving your skills and improving your mind.

I’m not saying you shouldn’t reassess your wardrobe, or get a haircut. There’s nothing wrong with trying to look your best. But we shouldn’t be ashamed of growing old. People can smell this type of shame and that’s what doesn’t get you a job.

I know what many of you are thinking, when you look good and feel young you’ll be more confident. “I’m getting surgery for myself,” many say. In the latest Botox ad, actress Virginia Madsen is shilling for the company and the commercial is centered on how she’s able to express herself now. Give me a freakin break. She looks strange with her face all plumped up like a chicken on hormones. How is this expressing yourself?botox.jpg

Folks, confidence is something that you have to build from the inside out. Doing it from the outside in is just a painful, temporary fix that only diminishes us all as a society.

Change the world! Be proud of your wrinkles and gray hair. People want to hire candidates who believe in themselves and can get the job done.

(UPDATE: After this blog post came out a reporter from US News & World Report, Liz Wolgemuth, contacted me saying she was one of those writers who had written about people getting plastic surgery to enhance their careers. She offered me a chance to offer the other side. I have to say, she renewed my faith in journalism. You go girl!
Here is a link to her blog.)

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