big-brother.jpgIs it a good thing or a bad thing if your boss comes across your resume when she or he is perusing the job boards?

The answer, unfortunately, is not that clear cut.

If your boss knows you are out there looking she or he may think, “I better do what I can to keep this employee.”

Or, they may think, “This person is a short timer so I won’t invest my time or money in them.”

If you’re unemployed, go for it, advises executive search expert Brian Drum:

But, be careful if you already have a gig you’re not quite ready to give up without a new gig securely under your belt.

“It is extremely risky to post your resume on any online job boards or networking sites if you are presently employed,” Drum explains. “Not only could your boss see your resume and know that you are looking for a new position, but someone from HR could see it, co-workers could see it, business contacts, clients, and vendors could all see it. If any of these contacts sees your resume this could lead to you not only being let go, but it could also lead to the start of rumors across your industry and could cause you to lose any pending business deals with clients or vendors.”

“The bottom line,” he adds, “is that if someone sees you as ‘temporarily’ in that position, they may choose not to deal with you and waste their time dealing with you.”

“We recommend using the ‘Confidential’ option when posting your resume if you feel that you must post, but if you don’t want to chance it we recommend just using the internet to browse current openings and apply directly to positions that you feel are a fit.”

The confidential option, who knew.

I figured I’d contact, one of the biggest job boards out there, and find out if that’s possible.

It is!

“Monster users can choose to hide their name/contact information as a privacy option. In addition, job seekers can also choose up to five employers to cloak their resume from,” according to the company.

There are other issues to keep in mind when posting your resume as well.

Security is a big concern for Jason Alba, founder of career-management site “Granted, when you have your resume out at all this issue is there, but who knows who is accessing the resume I post on a job board?”

It could be someone just trying to sell you crap. “I found that having a resume posted on at least one big job board produced a number of calls, after 6 pm, that were either insurance sales or MLM (multi-level marketing). I definitely wasn’t looking for either of those, but the calls kept coming,” Alba adds. “It was fruitless.”

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