tree-hugger.jpgI get verbally attacked a lot by readers of my column. I get some jabs here as well, but not anything like my column.

This week’s column on green-collar jobs got some intense criticism but there was one post on a MSNBC message board that made some interesting points. The column looks at the increasing number of so-called green-collar jobs in industries like solar and wind power.

But many readers thought this was a bunch of hype.

“Farming is the only TRUE green job out there.” wrote “Damn Tired of This”. (That’s the reader’s handle on the message board.)

“Wind turbines are not GREEN they’re huge pieces of equipment and they take a lot of energy to produce. Turns out those Green light bulbs they’re producing are worse than the old candesant light bulbs. Low flow toilets and faucets actually use more water than the old fashion toilets and if you really want to be green and save water……….build an outhouse…..then you can recycle the sh$t for sale to a farmer. Created 1,160 jobs………that’s a whole lot of people driving to work, through mountains, so you can double the greenhouse gases emitted from their cars! Going GREEN is a big farce.”

And he took a swipe at me: “The author of this article is killing trees by writing and selling a book…….which I’m sure was written on one of those nasty energy hog computers.”

Ouch! That one hurt.

He, or she, does make a good point though. A job is a job is a job. If you look real deep almost any job is probably anti environment in some way.

The point I was trying to make is that a whole new world of jobs is starting to open up because people are seeing the importance of trying to save the earth. It would be great if we could all be farmers. I was actually talking about becoming a farmer with my husband over the long weekend.

But the reality is, we won’t all become farmers. So we’ll have to try and find some gig, and hopefully it does a tiny bit to mitigate the damage we’ve already done and keep on doing.

I should convince my next publisher to release my next book in digital format only. Save the trees!

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