facelift.jpgThis will probably be the first generation that constantly apologizes for growing old.

Lately, it seems, quite a few Baby Boomers have been whining about the youngsters in the workplace that don’t respect them, and how employers are brushing them aside for the hipster Gen Ys.

I just got this letter from Linda N., a reader of my MSNBC.com column:

I am too young to retire and it seems too old (60) to be employed. I have a degree in Legal Studies and would prefer to be employed. But seeking employment in various fields, has been a challenge.

Our nation USA appears to be partial to youthfulness.

Is there any company that are more forgiving towards Baby Boomer?

What’s happened to this generation that once had a “screw you” establishment mentality? So many seem to be curling up in a ball waiting to be kicked in the ass by Corporate America.

We don’t like who we are. We don’t like the way we look. We’re spending more money than any generation on facelifts, hair dyes and youth-enhancing drugs…Viagra anyone?

What ever happened to the precious gift of knowledge that only comes with age? My parents generation never tried to be like their children, or their children’s children. They were proud of who they were and knew we were all looking up to them.

Look, I’m not stupid. I know there’s age discrimination in the workplace, along with a host of other biases. But no one likes a worker with his or her tail between their legs.

You need to stand up proud if you’re going to demand respect.

Women especially need to heed this advice. Forget about the myth that men age with dignity and women just shrivel up. That’s a line Madison Avenue wants you to believe so you can open up that expensive pocketbook you got from T.J. Maxx and give them all your money for phony youth serums.

There is nothing I like more than a women who walks around an office with confidence, proud of her gray hair and the wisdom she has that she knows no one else can match.

Linda N., there are companies in Corporate America that want confident women and men who can do the job. You chose the companies you’d like to work for and show them your background, your experience, and let hiring managers know what you can do to help their business.

And this should be your mentality — “Let’s see which company will be lucky enough to get me.”

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