wynton_marsalis_free.jpgHas it gotten that bad?

The U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission thinks discrimination in the workplace is so bad they had to enlist to help of jazz musician Wynton Marsalis.

From the EEOC:

The announcements should help heighten awareness of race and color discrimination as the EEOC advances its national initiative to bring a fresh, 21st century approach to combating racism, which remains the most frequent claim filed with the agency. E-RACE (Eradicating Racism And Colorism from Employment) is an outreach, education, and enforcement campaign to advance the statutory right to a workplace free of race and color discrimination.

“The EEOC is proud to partner with Wynton Marsalis to convey this information,” EEOC Chair Naomi C. Earp said. “His participation enhances our message and ensures that a broad audience will be apprised of the importance of equal employment opportunity.”

Discrimination and harassment have reached ridiculous levels in offices and plants across the country. I wrote about this issue for MSNBC a while back.

Do you think Marsalis will make a difference?

Would it have been smarter to also use some famous white guy in the PSA telling people not to spew hate?

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