giants.jpgMy favorite Super Bowl moment last night, well favorite after the Giant’s win, was the CareerBuilder ad with the heart that rips out of a woman’s chest while she sits like a zombie at her office desk. The heart then makes its way to her boss’ office and holds up a sign that says “I quit.” Her heart just wasn’t in it anymore.

It was priceless, morbid and funny. The ad also made me sad. You don’t know how many people I meet and get emails from that are just like that women — stuck in a job that has slowly zombified them.It’s a horrible thing when we wake up in the morning and head for a job we can’t stand, or are totally indifferent to.

So many of you ask me how you can find your career bliss. Unfortunately, there isn’t an easy answer.

I will tell you there is one common denominator I see among people who are happy with their jobs: Passion. They followed their career paths with passion. Passion for what they thought they’d be doing in their jobs, or passion for the money they’d be receiving. Here’s an column I wrote about an accountant who left his job, for a big cut in pay, to become head of a youth center. The interesting part of this story was the guy ended up going back to accounting, in part for the money, but he still kept his dream job.

We all need something to motivate us. While I’m not sure money should be your only driving force, find something damn it! Go out in the world, talk to people, read books, remember what you loved as a child. Go on a journey to find your bliss already! Why? Motivation is the only thing that will keep your heart beating and keep it inside your chest cavity.

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