bush-fire.jpgI’m not quite sure how rebate checks to people who already have jobs is going to really rescue our sputtering economy.

President Bush is expected to unveil his ideas for helping all of us, but the centerpiece seems odd to me…tax rebate checks.

Buying more junk for our already packed homes isn’t going to help the many people I talk to who can’t find jobs, or are struggling in jobs that don’t pay enough to keep up with ballooning prices. I’m sure a rebate could go to pay those escalating mortgage payments for the many people who went adjustable and got burned. But even that is a temporary fix. The Democrats want to extend unemployment benefits. But that too is a temporary fix.

I’ve been through many ups and downs in the economy during my many years covering the business world, and there is little that past presidents or Congress have been able to do to bail us out during those rough spots.

I think it’s fair to wait and see exactly what the President has in mind, but I’m not hopeful at this point.

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