oliphant.gifTo cry or not to cry, that is the question.

Every women in business, politics, basically any situation outside of the home, will come to a point in her life when she wonders if crying will doom her career prospects or take her down a notch when it comes to garnering respect from others. Many of the executive women I’ve interviewed during my career have told me they always saved their tears for the company bathroom, or held emotions in until they got home.
Hillary Clinton threw caution to the wind when she got a bit teary on the campaign trail and reporters like me are still talking about it. (Sorry for that.)

But I just felt compelled to ask you all about your opinion of the Oliphant cartoon I include up to the left. You can also see it more closely here.

It shows Clinton crying in front of the a host of world leaders, and a terrorist or two. It’s hard to tell. She’s saying: “You guys are mean!.”

And, in a small bubble at the bottom left, there’s a tiny cartoon of Clinton’s hubby bill saying, “This is when PMS goes nuclear.”

OK, what’s your take?

Is this just what women will always be subjected to? Should we become enraged, or laugh it off?

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