depress.jpgThere are a lot of pressures this time of year. We end up spending more than we want. If we hate our jobs, we feel even worse about having finished yet another year in the same place. And there’s more holiday hell than holiday cheer when you go out into the throngs of shoppers.

So imagine how tough it must be on people who suffer from clinical mental illnesses, not just the holiday blues.

I address this issue in my column today on

I got an earful from the head of a depression organization that we reporters couldn’t care less about depression, as we rush every year to write holiday-themed stories.

There’s typically an avalanche of holiday blues stories, but this time I figured I would deal with real depression. There is so much more to this illness than I cover in my column. But I hope I do it justice.
Like any other illness it can impact a person’s day to day life, especially worklife.

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