I was at my five-year-old son’s flag football game on Sunday — well, game might be going a bit far. There were just a bunch of kids running around. I met one of the other moms there and we got on the discussion of how President Bush wears his religion on his sleeve. (I know, sounds like heavy talk for a Sunday afternoon.)

The mom I was talking to said during meetings at her work there’s always a prayer to start things off. She, and I, and all the parents around us were outraged at the idea of it.

Talk about coincidence. My column today on is about religion in the workplace and whether people of faith are going too far in asking for religious accommodations.

More and more workers today are asking their bosses for changes to their work and work schedules so that they’re able to take the time they need to pray, go to their houses of worship, etc.

Is there a point where such requests can go too far, or alienate other workers who may not be as religious, if religious at all?

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