nardelli_06__thumb.jpgWhen someone in power says something totally ridiculous I think it’s our duty as bloggers to point it out.

The CEO of Chrysler, Robert Nardelli, recently called the labor contract workers signed under duress “revolutionary” and “a major step forward for us”.

It’s odd that now the top dogs at companies don’t even look at these concessions workers make as sacrifices. CEOs of days gone by used to have their tails between their legs, thanking employees for making painful cuts, even though they may not have felt it. It was the civilized thing to do, no?

The deal, narrowly signed into life by about 56 percent of assembly line workers, creates a new pay structure that basically translates into as much as a 50 percent cut in pay for new hires. Many auto veterans balked at signing such an agreement because they saw it as turning back the clock on all the advances the union and workers made.

Believe it or not, many of these men and women see the job as a great way to live the American dream. Many of their own children may decide to follow in their footsteps. Some have chosen that route. But cuts in wages, many say, was a slap in the face.

Nardelli seems to brush aside the workers’ concerns. The New York Times quoted him today about whether he was worried that so many employees didn’t sign the agreement:

“I would suspect some of it is just an uneasiness about change.”

Indeed, there’s an uneasiness. But it’s not about change Bob. It’s about going backwards economically in America. That’s revolutionary.

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