dad.jpgRemember my quest to get more fathers to take on more of the day to day kid duties? Often working women are designated “snack moms” when it comes to school activities and home responsibilities, but you never hear about “snack dads”.

So, I will point out examples of things dads do that would designate them “snack daddies.” This is not because what they do is any better than what a working mom would do. But because it is a rarity, I believe we should be pointing this stuff out.

OK, the latest example. In today’s Wall Street Journal the includes an excerpt from the newspaper’s law blog called “Home for the Holidays”:

Overworked lawyers rarely air their work/family woes in court. But that’s what happened recently in the high-stakes bankruptcy case of Calpine Corp.

Lawyers at Weil, Gotshal & Manges LLP recently objected to a bankruptcy judge’s setting Dec. 18, 19, 20 and 27 as dates for a set of crucial hearings. Wrote Martin Bienenstock, co-head of Weil Gotshal’s vaunted bankruptcy practice and the lawyer for a group of bondholders: “These dates are smack in the middle of our children’s winter breaks, which are sometimes the only times to be with our children.”

You go Martin!

If men step up and ask for things like this it will only pave the way for a real work/life balance movement in the workplace.

Martin did face some challenges.

Responding to the motion: Rick Cieri at Kirkland & Ellis LLP, who said an $8 billion financing could be jeopardized were the hearing delayed. Mr. Cieri called Weil’s reason for requesting a delay “woefully inadequate” given the risk to the company’s financing deal. “The personal needs of a handful of professionals, unfortunately must be balanced against the thousands of employees, creditors and other parties in interest…whose livelihoods and/or recoveries are dependent on (Calpine’s) successful emergence from Chapter 11.”

Cieri takes a shot at the “personal needs” of the lawyers. I hear from lots of women trying to balance work and personal needs and such a comment is the reason many of them don’t ask for things like this.

But guess what folks, they gave in to the “personal needs”.

A happy ending was reached, it seems. The court added a Dec. 17 dates, which may obviate the need for a post-Christmas hearing.

Happy Holidays Martin, the uber Snack Daddy.

Please send me your Snack Dad stories.

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