lemon.jpgMany of us career writers constantly tell people to find what they’re good at. I’ve said it a few times in my column.

But sometimes people take this a bit too literally. Just because you’re good at sex, for example, doesn’t mean you should find a job where you could use those talents. I’ll admit, there are some lucrative professions you could consider but they may be a bit unsavory, and ILLEGAL.

You see what I mean, right?

There are many things we’re good at but that doesn’t mean we can find a profession that fits our talents. Let’s think logically folks.

Sometimes, however, your likes or talents could translate into some sort of business. Maybe you like scrapbooking. There aren’t a lot of corporate jobs that could use that kind of skill. But maybe you want to start an Internet based company selling supplies, or offering advice to other scrapbookers.

But sometimes your talents are just talents you can enjoy, on your own, and forget about making a living from them.

I can eat lemons without making a sour face, but to date, I haven’t gotten anyone to pay me to do this. Well, many moons ago, I did make 25 cents off of a kid who didn’t think I could do it. But a quarter won’t even buy you a bag of chips these days.
Here’s something that is a great example of the point I’m trying to make. I just got the cutest email from reader in Hong Kong who misinterpreted the thoughts behind the “find-what-you’re-good-at” advice.

“Dear Eve,

I’m very good at guessing a movie’s storyline and my husband agrees that any movie that keeps me guessing to the end is one of the best movies we’ve ever seen (”The Game” is certainly one of them!).

Are there any jobs out there that can utilize this “talent” of mine?

Thanks and best regards,
Karina, Hong Kong”

I was getting ready to answer her but then I thought I would share it with my readers to see if they can actually come up with some ideas for the career path based on this “talent”.

Now, if you’re part of the Gen Y group, no matter what your talents, it seems employers will throw opportunities at you. Check out my column today on the subject.

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