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I’m not totally a tech dummy…25 Sep 2007 01:54 pm


I hate to admit it but I just finished my first Power Point presentation. Yes, I never, ever put together a Power Point. I did piggy back on other people’s presentations during meetings where I spoke, but I never did my own.

What inspired me to do this? I’m conducting a Webinar for Business & Professional Women/USA on how women can stay off the Mommy Track and they asked if I could have a Power Point presentation ready. My first reaction is always to say “yes” when someone asks me to do something, even if I’ve never done it before. Seriously, I’ve taken quite a few jobs saying, “oh yeah, I can do that”, even though I had never done “that” before.

The whole Mommy Track issue is one that I’ve written a lot about and am definitely interested in. That was also a big motivator for me to get my tech hat on and figure the thing out. I was up late, I must admit. My eyes and head were hurting by the time it was finished. But I did it, damn it. Yeah. I can feel a bit proud right?

I’ll share the presentation with you all after I give the Webinar tomorrow night. Basically, I’m offering women advice on how to make sure you stay relevant in your career, even if you become a mom, or find yourself needing time off to take care of a parent.

Women, unfortunately, are still the ones who carry the heaviest load at home. We all know this.

A woman just commented on my MSNBC small business blog “YourBiz” who makes this point. My entry for today is on “Girl Power” - Why some women loose their ambition mojo when they become adults?

Here’s her comment:

Lose ambition? I managed to work hard through high school– get a full scholarship and get an awesome job right out of college– and now with opportunities being thrown everywhere I struggle with the decision when to start a family–
Because for someone reason my male co-workers can begin families whenever– and still have the same value on their work.
I can’t. And yet I remember hearing somewhere that they are not going to put “ambitious”– or great employee on my tombstone, rather “good friend”… “good mother”…

Some men do have the luxury to begin families whenever they want and still be valued at work. But I argue that we need to expect more from our men. We need men to be Snack Dads!!

That’s my new phrase — Snack Dad — and I’m going to be writing about it a lot. Women need to expect a lot from the men we marry. They need to step up to the plate when it comes to child rearing. It’s not just about the moms people. Don’t procreate with a man you feel won’t be an equal force in the home. If you do, you get what you deserve.

I was on a panel a few weeks ago on Sirius satellite radio’s “Be Happy Damn It” show on Lime Radio, hosted by Karen Salmansohn.

Click here to listen to the show.

One of the panelists, Leslie Bennetts, the author of the “Feminine Mistake”, told a great story about a successful lawyer she knew who quit her job in a fit of anxiety because her son didn’t tell her she was snack mom until late one night.

We need more snack daddys!!


Here’s my Power Point presentation on staying off the Mommy Track:


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