murray.jpgI don’t know about you guys, but if I were trapped underground in a mining shaft I wouldn’t want the CEO of the company that put me there to oversee the rescue effort.

“We are back to square one underground,” says Robert E. Murray, chairman of Murray Energy Corp., owner of the Crandall Canyon mine where the miners have been stuck for almost two days.

Who knows how the mine collapsed. It might be due to negligence or a natural disaster. But either way I’d want the people digging for me to have as few allegiances to Murray as possible. It’s not because I think he’s a bad man. It’s just because his interests lie in protecting his company’s reputation, not me. That’s just how it is.

I think it’s been highly inappropriate that he’s been yelling into cameras for hours now about what he thinks caused the tragedy. He should step aside.

On another note, here’s yet another example of a difficult job that fewer and fewer Americans want to do — mining. It turns out three of the trapped miners are actually Mexican nationals. Maybe this will shine some more light on how much our economy relies on non Americans desperate to make money.

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