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Hell’s bitches don’t cry…03 Jul 2007 09:39 am

promoa-right-over.jpgAre any of you watching Hell’s Kitchen? It’s a reality show on Fox that includes a bunch of chefs who compete against each other for the grand prize of running their own restaurant. The guy who essentially hosts the show and judges the motley group of chefs is an acerbic Scot who curses and throws things at the chefs when he thinks their cooking acumen is subpar.

Last night he was as hot as a tamale, yelling like mad at one of the more annoying female chefs. He kept calling her a bitch over and over, and referred to the team of female chefs as “bitches from hell.”

At one point the head bitch said she’s not the type of person who cries. She somehow, at least it seemed, didn’t let his constant yelling in her face get to her.

Often times, it is women in the workplace that break down, get teary eyed, allow the waterworks to flow. I know, there are men who cry at work but folks they are few and far between. I’ve never seen one do it in my career.

I have, however, seen women, lots of women, with red, puffy eyes, upset that a boss spoke cross to them. Gals, we have to get over this. Emotional displays at work don’t help your career, the mood of the office, or anything.

I was proud of the bitchy chef - even though I wanted to strangle her for her bitchiness - because she held it together and looked at the Scot host in the eye unwaivering when he was spitting in her face as he let his rage burst out upon her.

In the end, everyone watching thought the Brit was going to kick her off the show but he did not. He transferred her to the men’s team. Interesting move. They probably were just looking to boost ratings; or maybe he realized she was displaying what we deem in society to be male traits.

I have no problem with women bringing their own unique perspectives to the workplace and even changing the way the business world operates. Bring your creativity, your compassion, your energy to the office or plant. But please, please, please, leave your tears in a big pity-party jar at the door.

Crybabies don’t get to run their own restaurant.

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iToil more thanks to iPhone…02 Jul 2007 09:30 am
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