college-coed.jpegI know, some of us need college. But the fact is less than 30 percent of us get a four-year college degree. I know, it sounds scary. NOT! Many people survive and thrive without a college degree and we have to start accepting that. You hear the elite among us out there? (I wrote a story about this a while back for and got a great deal of mail telling me I was nuts.)
There’s a great story in my local paper that talks about all the opportunities available to people who get job training or an associate degree. Some jobs the article suggests: computer support specialists, radiology technicians, aircraft mechanics. All these jobs pay well and all these jobs are in high demand.

I know, we all want our kids to go to college. I do too. But we just don’t know what the future holds, and we can’t limit their horizons. A few years back when my daughter was born, I suggested to a friend that maybe she wouldn’t go to college…maybe she would become an artist or musician and decide to go it alone..without a four-year degree. My friend freaked out. She thought I had lost my mind. While I want my kids to get as much education as they can cram into their heads, was my suggestion so wacky?

Talking about following your bliss. Check out the story in the New York Times today about rotund dancer in Havana, part of a troupe called, and I love this, “Danza Voluminosa”. It proves you can really do whatever you want if you focus on your dreams.

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