megaphone.jpegHaving been a journalist for basically my whole adult life I never saw anything wrong with discussing the political landscape at work. It was just a matter of life in a newsroom. The news was happening and we talked about it. Whether it be presidential candidates or political scandals.

It seems such talk does happen in other industries. About one fourth of workers say their top managers openly talk about their political preferences at work, according to a survey conducted by Harris Interactive for The Marlin Company, a workplace consulting firm. And apparently many of you don’t like what you hear.

“Over a quarter (26%) of those polled said they do not fit in with their company’s culture in terms of politics. However, men were more likely to say they fit in the company culture, with 75% indicating so, compared to 64% of women,” according to the study.

It looks like the older you are the more such talk gets under your skin. “Younger employees (age 18 to 34) were more likely to be comfortable sharing their political views (76%), compared to 64% of those age 50 or older. Younger employees were also more likely (84%) than older workers (68%) to say they were comfortable telling their boss which candidates they support.”

I think we all have to stop getting uptight about political speech in the office. If managers aren’t threatening you with termination if you dare to vote for someone other than their favorite candidate then what’s the big deal?

We need serious discourse in this country about the issues and candidates if we are ever going to make a difference.

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