frontbelly.jpgLately I’ve been getting lots of emails from women who gave up their careers and spent many years at home to raise their children. Unfortunately, many of these women regret their choice.

My column on MSNBC today addresses the issue.

Many of these women found their path back to the world of work was difficult, to say the least. And quite a few found themselves divorced, wondering why they made the choices they had.

It’s a sad state of affairs and something few women ponder when they make the decision to give up work and rely mainly on their husbands for their economic well being.

I quote Leslie Bennetts, author of The Feminine Mistake: Are We Giving Up Too Much?, mainly because I liked the book very much and I give her kudos for even broaching the sticky topic. Her main message to me was women need to think about what the future holds, for their sakes and the sake of their children; not just cross their fingers and hope for the financial best.

While I know the big issue for many women is how they can balance it all given that the business world is still not embracing flexibility for family-work balance, we need to take charge and not just give in to the pressure. If a woman, or man, for that matter, is thinking about quitting altogether because they can’t see how taking care of kids and working will work out, what better time to demand stuff from your employer. What do you have to lose?

UPDATE: I will be discussing this topic on the BE HAPPY DAMMIT on Lime radio, on SIRIUS Channel 114, tomorrow morning, July 17 at 8:45. Karen Salmansohn, the host of the show and a best-selling author, is the type of person I call a “reality-checkophile”, and she’s funny to boot. Listen in tomorrow morning!

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