51qwwjcscrl_aa240_.jpgThis is the typical male reaction to sexual harassment:

I worked at a job with 33 women and I was the only man. You
think sexual harassment bothered me. No way! I don’t think men
care. Of course, it would bother a woman but not us guys.

What man doesn’t want a young beautiful woman paying him
compliments or saying how nice his shoulders, back, etc. look.

That’s what Robert told me recently. He didn’t want his full name used but he wanted to offer his two cents about what sexual harassment means to men and women.

His feelings are not necessarily the feelings of most men. In my column today I explore the growing problem of sexual harassment against men and how many are sick and tired of it.

Personally, I never let vulgar behavior on the part of men I worked with bring me down. I tended to just ignore it, or joke around with the guy as well if I thought the sexual overtones weren’t extreme. I never minded photos of voluptuous women hanging on walls or on computer screens. But I know lots of people out there can be sensitive to such things. Part of me wants to say just get over it. But hey, if you tell a guy or gal to stop, and say it with force then they should.

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