images-2.jpgThis is probably a good time to start thinking of asking your boss for a raise at the end of the year. Come on. Right now. Begin finding ways to show off, take on new projects, save the company some money. And make sure that everyone notices. Don’t go around the office or plant bellowing about your accomplishments. Just make sure the people that matter are aware of all the hard work you’re putting in. Maybe have a sit down with your manager and explain to him or her what you plan on taking on, or ask them for some feedback when you complete a project or make a change to the work environment that makes you or others more efficient. And document everything so you can share your deeds with the boss come year’s end. Don’t wait for your boss to have you sitting in an office with your annual performance evaluation, workplace experts advise. Take the initiative and be the skipper of your own career ship. (Gilligan never made more than minimum wage.)

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