images-1.jpgSo you plan for months to go on some great vacation but the week before you depart is like hell on earth. Trying to finish up all your work. Trying to get people to watch the house, pick up the mail. Making sure you didn’t screw up the flight time, or the car rental. Worrying about the weather when you take off. And the big one, will the kids be healthy?

Ugh. Is it all worth it? We’re supposed to relax, recharge our batteries, return to work and life in general with a new lease on life.

How did our lives during the industrial age come to this? Work, work, work for months on end. Then, a tiny snippet of a vacation, a week, maybe ten days if you’re lucky. You have to get back. Who else is going to do your job? The world will cease to revolve without you.

Who came up with this formula? What was his or her name? What planet did they come from? Maybe they are aliens who came down to earth long ago and have actually imprisoned us in this 40-hour prison.

How come the work/vacation dynamic wasn’t set up to allow people to work half a year and take vacation the other half? It could work. With all the people in this country, many of them unemployed, we could all share jobs — work half, hang half.

It’s not totally crazy right? Maybe we’d have to scale back our lifestyles, but so would everyone else who’s working the half-year shift.

Imagine what incredible things we could do if our batteries actually got enough time to recharge.

Aren’t you all sick of drive-by leisure?

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