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Perplexing pay issues…23 Feb 2007 10:48 am

billiejeanking.jpg(AP)— Genteel and old-fashioned Wimbledon discarded one of its longest traditions unequal pay. The All England Club yielded to 21st century realities Thursday, agreeing to pay women the same as men and falling in line with the other Grand Slam tournaments.

Six-time singles champion Billie Jean King, a pioneer for women’s sports, said the decision was “a long time coming.”

A long time coming, that’s the understatement of the century. Can you believe this huge unjust disparity in pay between men and women took this long to be remedied. I am just beside myself this morning, mainly because I didn’t know this was the case in tennis. Tennis, a sport that lures in viewers for both the great male and female players. What the heck? How come it took so long? Did the women tennis players ever consider boycotting? Why would they grace old fuddy-duddy Wimbledon with their presence at all?

And speaking about pay, what the hell is going on with manufacturing jobs?

img_hdlogo.gifUnionized workers at Harley-Davidson Inc.’s largest manufacturing plant overwhelmingly approved a new labor agreement yesterday, ending a strike that had halted motorcycle production for three weeks.

Eighty-three percent of those who voted endorsed the contract, which calls for a 12 percent wage increase over three years, the union said in a statement. Starting wages for new employees will be lower, but they will be able to advance to the same maximum rate earned by current employees.

New employees will be paid less to start out. This contract is not unusual. Many manufacturers and unions in many different industries have agreed to these types of terms recently. Instead of having individuals who get these jobs make more starting out than workers made a decade ago, they are making less. Doesn’t that go against everything we know about economics? Salaries are supposed to advance as the years go by. Hello, inflation! But for some reason young people that maybe are following in their mom or dad’s footsteps and becoming assembly line employees are actually taking a step back in pay.

The way I see it housing, fuel, food, all these things continue to cost us a prettier penny than they did just five years ago. So, this is truly the generation that will not do better than their parents. When I say this generation, I’m not talking about everyone. Executive salaries are skyrocketing, and members of Congress have great healthcare, but for the majority of the population…sign here on the dotted line. Ratify a contract that turns back the clock on ecominic advancement.

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Leaders with no babies…17 Feb 2007 03:34 pm
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Drunk CEOs bounce…12 Feb 2007 08:42 am
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A spaced out romance…08 Feb 2007 04:18 pm
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A wage that’s really minimum…02 Feb 2007 02:02 pm
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