0019-0402-0802-0232_tn.jpgI put out a call to all the female readers of my Your Career column to send in their most outrageous sexual harassment stories and how they dealt with the issue.

Well, I’ve gotten a lot of great stories, but I also got something quite unexpected…a bunch of irate emails from men out there who think I’m sexist for only asking women for their stories. They also think the whole issue of sexual harassment is made up and that many women use it as a way to destroy men.

I’m sure there are a lot of women out there who have filed bogus charges against men, or got overly upset when I guy asked them for a date. But alas the problem is real. I’m not saying I think women should go running to their human resource manager every time a guy winks at them, but there are some men who use inappropriate sexual advances/comments to derail the women in their midst. I’m just hoping women face these types of confrontations head on. Let them know you can’t be broken.

What’s your take? And do you all have some good stories to tell..men and women…

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