newyears_7_bg_123102.jpgWe’ve all got our New Year’s resolutions, right? This morning I woke up with a renewed sense of purpose. I’ve got lots of projects on my plate, and I’ve already started developing new ones that I hope will propel me in my career.

The main thing is being positive and not letting your own negativity or failures derail you. All the stories the media does this week are about how everyone makes resolutions but few stick to them. NEGATIVE. Disregard all these stories.

A resolution is not about changing everything over night. It’s about baby steps.

Remember the movie with Bill Murray, “What About Bob”. There’s a whole scene where Richard Dreyfus, his shrink, tells him to take baby steps when it comes to overcoming his phobias. While Murray remains a nutcase, he does make some changes in his life (mainly torturing his shrink). Maybe people can’t see your progression, but it’s not about that. Who cares what other people see. What you see, feel, is all that matters.

Come on people — baby steps!!

Share your baby steps towards your New Year’s resolution here. Doesn’t have to be today. It could be a week, month from now.

Just resolve to resolve. (And rent :What About Bob” if you haven’t seen it. It’s so funny.)
(Check out my column today. It’s about changing careers.)

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