sandboxbook.gifHey everyone, my book is finally here. I just got advanced copies of “From the Sandbox to the Corner Office”, ( which includes 55 interviews I did with CEOs and leaders from all walks of life about the screw ups and missteps they’ve made during their careers, and the lessons they learned during childhood from parents who spanked them and the first jobs they held.

It’s weird finally having the book in my hand. It took about two years from the time I came up with the idea to right now – me sitting here, holding this book in my hand. Am I dreaming?

A book, with chapters, and a tiny photo of me. I’m going to be in the library some day. Cool!

My dad’s birthday was this past Monday and this book would have made an awesome gift for him if he was still alive. He was always my biggest advocate, pushing me to try harder, to go after my dreams. I wish he was here to give me one of those I’m-so-proud-of-you hugs, the kind that stops your breathing for a second.

There’s a lot in the book that makes me think about my own childhood and work life.

I have a whole chapter in my book about how the CEOs survived bad bosses during their careers. And yes, I have quite a few of those stories myself. One of the worst bosses I have ever had comes to mind right now as I look at the book sitting atop my desk. He was a mean-spirited unhappy individual who was a tyrant to his workers, but bleated like a sheep whenever the higher ups said Boo.

When I finally decided to leave that job, because I realized I could not outlast the man, he asked me why I was leaving. I said, “Because you’re an idiot.” No, just kidding, I didn’t say that. I decided to take the high road and figured if the higher ups didn’t realize what a jerk he was they deserved him. I said, “I want to pursue a freelance career and also write a book.”

His response, in an ultra snide tone was: “Do you think you have a book in you Eve?”

Well buddy, turns out I did.

Lesson learned – Don’t listen to naysayers. Just follow your dreams and let them eat cake.

Epilogue: Just in case the bad boss didn’t catch my book on, I had my publisher send him a copy.

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