carolyn_kepcher.jpgOK, I’m about to admit I watched one season of “The Apprentice” with Donald Trump. It wasn’t bad. But not quite enough to keep me coming back.

I was, however, intrigued when Trump fired his blonde sidekick Carolyn Kepcher last month. There are tons of rumors flying around about the reason for the axing – Her head got too big for her breeches; Trump wanted to bring on his daughter Ivanka; or the popular, Trump was jealous of Kepcher’s success.

What ever the reason, it just shows you that anyone can get fired, even cool cucumbers like Kepcher, whose on air persona of confident Carolyn made you almost think she was invincible.

One of the best things that ever happened to me in my career was when I was fired from a restaurant trade publication. The magazine was letting a few people go as part of general budget cuts and there I was, last person hired. The editor who dropped the ax on my head was the nicest guy ever. I swear his eyes welled up when he gave me the news. He felt so guilty that I used him even years later for job recommendations, even though I had only worked for him a few months.

The main thing I learned from losing my job was that there are no guarantees. I had little savings at the time and struggled paying rent so when I finally got a gig, about two months later, I changed my ways. I started putting aside some money just in case, with a goal of having at least three months pay in the bank when another pink slip slipped into my career mailbox.

Now I’m sure Kepcher doesn’t have to worry about rent these days. Word is she’s getting $25,000 a pop for speaking engagements and she’s also doing endorsements. And she even wrote a book “Carolyn 101: Business Lessons from ‘The Apprentice’s’ Straight Shooter”, which I’ll plug here just in case I’m wrong and she’s eating Ramen noodles for dinner tonight.

Maybe her next book should be “Carolyn 101: How to Survive ‘You’re fired’”

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